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Wizsm Process Execution Solution

Are you struggling with manual tasks?

Although organizations have been investing in automation solutions, the reality is that manual tasks are still prevalent in many organizations. Even those organizations who have adopted automation still have challenges with effectiveness, cost, integration, security and compliance. This is because business processes often have numerous exceptions that fall outside of normal automated processes.

Traditional BPM solutions used for automating processes face the following common challenges.

  • Larger investment to initialize and maintain the application
  • Long build cycle to deploy business applications
  • Specialized IT skillsets required to build and maintain the application
  • Longer planning & testing cycles
  • Detailed training required for administrators & end users

The Wizsm Process Execution Solution addresses these challenges by ensuring vertical applications can be automated quickly and easily. At the same time Wizsm can integrate master data from internal systems, and external data sources like web sites and portals using API’s. The Wizsm Process Execution Solution is built on Wizsm Apps and Wizsm Visivo and replaces processes using paper and Excel. External data can be integrated as required using Wizsm Integrator.

Low Code BPM Solution

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86% of businesses say they face one or more key barriers to process automation.


Increased business process automation is critical to succeed in the post-COVID world. However, only 25% of organizations are embracing process automation in its most advanced form and a mere 10% are still at the beginning of the journey, having only taken initial steps toward automation.

86% of businesses say they face one or more key barriers to process automation.

The complexity of process automation is the top challenge. However, limited budgets are also a common roadblock. (PR Wire – Industry Survey). Worldwide, enterprise organizations have embraced more sophisticated forms of automation than their mid-market counterparts, while small and medium organizations are still struggling with manual processes.