Wizsm Innovation Management

Drive continuous improvement and adaptation.

The Wizly Innovation Management Solution supports the entire cycle of Innovation Management including the collation of ideas, developing, prioritizing and implementation, as well as tracking the implementation to completion. This enables the organization to gain a sustainable competitive advantage through identifying and implementing the ideas with greatest potential from sources across the organization.

Idea Collation

Wizsm is a centralized platform for collecting and organizing ideas across the organization. Enhanced functionality enables capture of ideas and suggestions in real-time, facilitating a culture of collaboration and idea-sharing among teams.

Development and Prioritization

Wizsm embeds tools for refining raw ideas into well-defined concepts. Robust prioritization algorithms enable identification and focus on ideas with the greatest potential impact.

Customizable workflows adapt to the organization’s unique innovation process.

Implementation Tracking

Wizsm supports real-time tracking of the idea implementation progress. Milestone tracking and notifications ensure the projects stays on schedule. Collaboration enables identification of and resolution of potential roadblocks before they impact project timelines.

The Wizsm Innovation Management Solution is built on Wizsm AppsWizsm Performance and Wizsm Visivo and replaces innovation management and tracking using office tools such as Excel. Ideas can be managed across the complete lifecycle using configurable workflows with multiple levels of approval. 

The solution also supports supports all standard innovation stages including ideation, evaluation, prioritization and implementation as defined in the patented methodology RETHINKTOINNOVATE® defined by Rethink Inc.

Centralized Idea Repository

Enhanced Collaboration

Streamlined Ideation Workflows

Data-Driven Decision Making

Prioritization of High-Impact Ideas

Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking

Enhance the Innovation Culture

Scalability and Adaptability

Gain Competitive Advantages

Secure Data Management

Monitor Innovation Workflows


84% of executives say innovation is extremely or very important to their companies’ growth strategy.


30% of organizations are actively targeting AI in their innovation programs.


In today’s highly competitive business environment, innovation is vital to an organizations success,  especially as customers become more demanding and savvy.

Organizations need an edge to survive and stand out. Innovation can provide that edge, boosting productivity, growth and profitability.

Innovation doesn’t have to be a world-changing breakthrough. It can involve simple, incremental improvements in any area of the organization.

Innovation delivers concrete benefits including:-

  • Improved sales and customer relationships
  • Reduced waste and costs
  • Differentiating from the competition
  • Improved employee relations