Why Wizsm

Strategy Execution Roadmap


Why Wizsm

The Wizsm PRISE solution suite is created by Wizly Corporation to enable management to make better decisions, through an integration suite of products.

Today technology has progressed exponentially, to provide businesses with better transaction systems such as ERP, CRM etc. While business intelligence (BI) has enabled detailed analysis of data from these systems, it is costly, and time consuming to span all data silos and provides only a partial solution to the management reporting challenge. So, there is a pressing need for change in the management reporting process, to enable the end result of successful strategy execution of the organization.

The key problem which we address is that Business Managers need a way to quickly gain insight into issues and challenges they face. These may relate to the external landscape, such as products, competition, market changes, sources of raw materials, storms, logistical problems, etc. or company strategy, business processes, risks, opportunities etc.

Managers relate this insight to company metrics and use them to deliver focused decisions saving time and money.

A Harvard Business Article in as far back as 2007 declared that everyday decisions create or destroy your company’s strategy.

Against this backdrop, Wizsm PRISE enables management decisions through an enhanced and integrated reporting process and provides a roadmap to successful strategy execution using the Wizsm PRISE methodology.